How can I schedule lessons with you?

First sign up and create an account. Then log in and click on "Book Online" on my website. There you will be able to choose and schedule your lessons.

How long are your lessons?

My lessons are a total of 60 minutes long. This gives us enough time to complete our lesson, review what we've learned and it also gives you time to ask any questions you may have.  

What happens if I'm late or don't show up to a lesson? 

If you show up late you will still be charged the full value of the lesson and the lesson will still end at the appointed time. No shows will also be charged the full price of the lesson. 

How long will it take me to be fluent?

There is no specific timeline. Fluency in a language is a function of how much time  and effort you are willing to put into studying inside and outside of classes. 

How can I take lessons with you?

You can take lessons with me via Zoom or in person in the comfort of your own home. I travel within a 15 mile radius of my home. 

What's the meaning behind "Verde Tutoring"?

"Verde" is the Spanish word for the color "green". Greene is my last name. When I was in high school, my Spanish teacher would always call me "Señorita Verde" (Miss Green) and when I became a teacher my students called me that too. :)

What is your cancellation policy?

Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the lesson start time. 

Do you teach children? 

I do not teach children. I teach adolescents from 12 years old, all the way up to adults.