Hello everyone! My name is Amanda Greene but my students also call me Señorita Verde. I am a certified Spanish and English as a Second or Other Language teacher and I have been teaching online for over five years.


I studied to become a certified Spanish teacher while in college and I am also a certified English as a Second or Other Language teacher. I believe language learning is a marathon and not a sprint and I try to encourage my students through this mindset.

About Me

Why Verde Tutoring?

I would consider myself to be a very flexible and accommodating teacher. I am friendly, patient and I love to laugh.


My first priority is to make a personal connection with my students so that they feel at ease and comfortable expressing themselves.

Verde Tutoring offers more than standard online language lessons. Here, you get a teacher, a language coach, a confidant, and a personal cheerleader who is here to help you achieve your goals. Language learning is an individualized experience – There's no one-sized fits all tutoring here!

I have experience teaching students with little to no knowledge of both Spanish and English and also students at intermediate and advanced levels. Whether you are looking for a well-organized lesson every class, a flexible conversation or even a moment to vent about what's going on in your life, I am open to your needs. I encourage my students to make as many mistakes as possible, laugh about them and learn from them.

Verde Tutoring is for you if you want: 


Individualized Attention 


Personalized Lessons


A Well-Organized and Prepared Teacher


Homework and Resources Provided after Every Class


A Teacher that Cares about You and Your Progress

Our Materials Include:

Audio Files 

PowerPoint Slides/PPT

Image Files

Homework Assignments

Text Documents

News Articles

Video Files

PDF Files


and more!