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What my students say...

I can’t recommend Amanda highly enough. She genuinely cares about your progress in learning Spanish. She uses effective techniques that help you practice. She gives you the option to have ‘homework’, which are super helpful between lessons because they help improve your speaking, writing and listening skills. On top of all that, she’s so nice and a a lot of fun to converse with.

– Vivienne Houghton 

Amanda is passionate, patient, and has a sense of humor. Her class is fun, dynamic, and makes you wanna come back for more. Can’t go wrong with Amanda!!

– Paul

Amanda is an excellent teacher! She’s patient and encouraging and her classes are very challenging. I know by Spanish is getting better with each lesson.

– Renee Abrams 

My class with Amanda was very good and fun. Hablamos de muchas cosas interesantes y sé que aprenderé a hablar inglés con ella... se nota lo motivadora que es y lo mucho que se preocupa para que sus estudiantes aprendan. 

– Yarisbel

Excellent. When I have class with Amanda, everything flows so naturally that I forgot we are student and teacher.

– Daniele Campos 

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want to do something if they aren’t immediately good at it and unfortunately for me, I can’t be fluent in a language right off the bat! Amanda is so good at making me feel comfortable in all of my classes. She’s my biggest cheerleader and I’m very grateful to have found her! 

– Kristen

Amanda is really friendly and helps you find the words you don’t know. Her classes are dynamic and time flies while talking with her. I can’t wait for the next class!

– Núria Vázquez

My first lesson was really great. Amanda is a very nice person and it is evident that she loves teaching; despite her young age, she had a professional and positive aproach and she helps me with understanding and patience. 

– Andrea

Anna Grešulová

2 hours with Amanda feels like 20 minutes. I really enjoy her classes! 


Excelente tutora, he salido muy feliz de la clase, me hizo sentir muy cómoda desde el primer momento, sabe enseñar sin intimidarte, de tal manera que te sientes confianza y libertad de hablar, la recomiendo a ojos cerrados!

– Rocío 

Amanda was a pleasure to talk to. She is very attentive and made me feel at ease. The time went so fast that I hardly noticed that an hour had passed. I left the lesson feeling ready to continue my path of study!

– Melanie 

Amanda is a great teacher! I really recommend Amanda to anyone who wants to improve their English. My own experience was so good and joyful. I enjoyed every class and every moment. Thanks Amanda! 

– Martin

Amanda is amazing, she absolutely is. You shouldn’t hesitate to choose her. She is a devoted teacher, so smart and kind and sweet. Your English will be better, she will make sure of it! Every lesson’s custom-made and any request is fulfilled. One couldn’t wish for a better teacher, Amanda is all you need!

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– Anna

Amanda is a great teacher. I love lessons with her. She is a big motivator and a very positive person. I see great improvement in my English. Thank you so much!

– Irine 

Even though it was just my first lesson with Amanda, I am already full of excitement! Amanda has a concrete plan how to work with students and you do not need to be told about it or see it because when she starts the lesson, you can feel it! She is not only patient but also a competent teacher who knows what she is doing. Thanks Amanda for spending time with me. Learning English with you is just a pleasure. And I am looking forward to upcoming lessons. 

– Stas